Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh Beating Heart

:::Oh Beating Heart:::

I don’t care what you say.
A poem has a heart.
Physical form is the paper it is written on.
The ears are those who listen to it’s deeper voice.
The eyes are those who read the fine words that it brings.
The nose is for those who smell the beauty in those words.
The hair is the gentleness of the formed sentence.
The face is that of which no one can see.
The body is the way the writer fixes it and treats it with care.
The arms are the length of the poem, be it long or short.
The legs are the height of its popularity.
Its feet are the base of which it stands.
The hands are those of the writer that writes it down as it comes.
The soul… The sweet soul is that of which it is set to prove.
And then the heart,
Oh sweet beating heart.
This is the way it was formed,
The reason behind all reasoning.
It’s the heart of the writer
And the sweet words that fit on the paper.
It is the one thing we all overlook,
It is the ones being touched
By the writers sweet words.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

God's Hand

*God’s Hand*

Walk through the garden of light

Where flowers bloom in the night.

Walk past the river

Where it moves in a sliver.

Walk past the tower

Where at the top it has a flower.

Look at the beauty of the land

Reach out for God’s hand.

Smile at the face of God

But does anything feel odd?

Do you know where you are?

You are in the place of God.

Look down at the river again

Watch it move in its sliver.

Is God not at work here?

God will pick you up someday

But for now you must go away.

Awake from this happy place

With angels dancing around your face.

Fall through the clouds

And land back in your body.

It is not your time yet

But you will get there someday.

All because of God’s Hand.

Shadow Bounty Hunter

Shadow Bounty Hunter

Every night at ten

A shadow moves within.

The kids are sleeping

The parents are going.

But still a shadow moves within.

The shadow is full of hatred

And greed is nothing to it.

It lurks up the stairs

And into the kid’s room.

When he stares them down.

He leaves them with nightmares.

Now as the shadow moves away,

One kid jumps up.

He catches sight of the moving shadow

And never wants to again.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow up on your knees

Snow up on your knees

When you walk out into the brisk morning air,

And you give a shiver because its not there.

You stare at the white covered ground.

A gasp escapes you mouth,

And the air touches your cheek like God touches your heart.

You run back inside and shut the door,

Your kids are awake so back out the door.

You play and build snowmen,

But when the snow gets to deep,

You call your kids in.

You make hot chocolate for your family,

Than go watch the snow fall.

Faster, faster, faster it falls,

But you grow slowly colder.

Snow, snow, up past your knees.

Snow, snow, up on your knees.

You give a big sigh,

As the house gets cold.

You head back to bed,

Thinking that you need more warmth.

And silently you fall back to sleep.

Snowy Happenings

Sorry I have not been posting here, It has been hard to think of poems... but here is one.

Snowy Happenings

When the wind blows

and white flurries fall.

You know its snow.

When the kids are screaming

And sleds go zipping by.

You know its snow.

When a snowball kisses your cheek

And your hands are numb.

You know its snow.

When your mother calls you in

And you smell hot chocolate.

You know its snow.

When you’re sitting around a tree

And opening well wrapped boxes.

You know its Christmas.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life Alone

Life Alone

Standing here
I will see why.
An outcast
Standing in the shadows.
My clothes are mucky
My hair is mangled.
Watch as the people pass me by
My family, my friends
All walk right by me.
No one to give a care
No one to dare.
I sit alone
In this mucky shadow.
No one ever, ever goes near here.
I watch the sunset.
It will be dark soon.
A hand outstretches
And a soft voice says,
“I am your family.”

Dedicated to my mother, she is the best in the world!

Love you mom!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

:::Last Breath, In a cloudy surrounding:::

Lay down here
In this area surrounded by dark clouds.
Take a few more steps
There you go.
You’re on the right track
now stay on it and lay.
Look for the third start to the right
Not there?
To many clouds.
Look for the name sleepy hollow
Not there either?
The clouds touch the ground.
Oh what a shame
Everything you look for is gone.
Take a deep breath
It may be your last.
Look at your map
look for Eldorado
Not in the map?
The clouds consume the map.
You are now being encased
By black clouds of hell.
A light breaks through
you take a deep breath.
You are lifted up to heaven.
None of those places are real
But the one you are going to
Is very real indeed